Drug Bail Bonds

Police car with police officers in background possibly making a drug bust and arrest.

Possession of a Controlled Substance Bail Bonds

Being arrested is never fun. The most exasperating part can be posting bond, this is especially true for people charged with drug offenses. Being accused of a drug-related offense in Missouri allows the defendant to retain a lawyer while also contracting with a bond agency. While the court systems move slowly, working with Qualls Bail Bonds can get you out of jail quickly.

Following a drug-related arrest, the defendant is transported to the nearest police station and processed. After they are fingerprinted and photographed, their contact information is entered into a database, and the booking process continues.

Penalties depend on the drug type and amount. Marijuana possession under 35 grams is considered a misdemeanor unless the person intends to distribute it or the person is found with other drugs. The most severe penalty being life behind bars.

If an individual is arrested for cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin possession, a bond is usually required. Once bail has been posted, the accused will be released and expected to attend all court appearances.

The monetary value of bonds can be very high in drug trafficking cases. Individuals with sufficient collateral and co-singers can often be bonded in very high bail cases.

Clients arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance (drug possession) face heavy fines and/or lengthy prison terms if convicted on these charges. Getting out of jail on a bail bond is critical to adequately preparing for your case, and it is important to understand some key elements of how drug possession works in Missouri.

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