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If you or a loved one ends up in jail in the county of Callaway, this can be a very stressful time; it is essential to understand how bonds work in Callaway. While surety bonds are generally necessary for release after an arrest, understanding all these options available is crucial for you to be prepared to make the best possible decision.

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It is essential to understand that a person arrested in Callaway County are taken to Jail in Fulton, MO. The process of arrest includes fingerprints, mugshots, and bookings. Once you've processed, a bail amount stands set according to the charges and bonding schedule. That would be a good time to contact a top bail bond agent in Callaway County. You can call Qualls Bail Bonds at (573) 310-1534 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also visit our office for help.

Qualls Bail Bonds Callaway County Bail Options

Recognizance Bail Bonds - The local jail may release you without the need to post a bond. When the crime committed is small and considered low risk, you have a high likelihood of attending all court hearings in Callaway County. In this circumstance, you will not have to pay a County Bail Bondsman. You will only sign documents that you promise to appear in court in addition to any other stipulations set.  There is no need to contact any Bail Bondsman in Callaway County in this circumstance.

Cash Bail Bonds Callaway County - In some instances, you may be required to pay the bail amount with cash. In this situation, a Callaway County Bail Bondsman ordinarily is not able to help you. You will have to pay the entire bail amount in cash to obtain release. Qualls Bail Bonds does post some cash bonds depending on circumstances. A benefit of cash bail is that once the court dates are complete, the court refunds the entire bail amount minus any court fees. 

Surety Bonds Callaway County - In this case, a Bail Bond Agency can help. In other words, Qualls Bail Bonds can post the bond for a fee, the fee is a non-refundable premium 8-10 percent of the total amount of the bond. Most Bonds in Callaway County, M0 are set in this way, allowing you to use a bail bond agency. 

The importance of Bondsman - Although it not a requirement to seek the services of a bail bondsman to obtain release, it is the most common approach; most crimes do not have the option of a recognizance or cash release. You should call the top-rated Bail Bond agency in the Fulton, MO area. 

Callaway County Courthouse Information

Callaway County Courthouse Located In Fulton, Missouri

Callaway County Courthouse History

Callaway County Circuit Court Judges

Callaway County Courthouse History


As early as 1919, citizens realized the growing population required a more prominent building. However, it was not till 1938 that the remodeled structure gave way to a brand-new courthouse. Callaway began seriously considering a brand-new courthouse, in 1938 once they learned federal funds where granted. 

The court toured courthouses in other counties and talked with several state companies who prepared the plans for a three-story building with a jail. A Bond vote passed for $125,000 in June 1938. Federal contribution was $102,273, and final figures ran on the brink of $250,000. J. E. Hathman contracted and engineered the 134-by-80-foot, three-story, brick, and stone structure, with the principal entrance facing north. The court accepted the finished building in December 1939. Dedication of the courthouse that still houses county officials took place on March 18, 1940.

The Callaway County Courthouse is at 10 East 5th st Fulton, MO. Qualls Bail Bonds is approved to post bonds up to $1,000,000 in the 13th Judicial circuit, which includes Callaway County and Boone County. 

Callaway County Court Hallaway

Callaway County Court Contacts

Callaway County Circuit Court Judges

Callaway County Courthouse History

  • Circuit Clerk - Megan Morse  (573) 642-0780
  • Traffic Supervisor - Amanda Atterberry (573) 642-0780
  • Criminal Supervisor -  Sarah Baker (573) 642-0780 
  • Probate Supervisor - Amanda Atterberry (573) 642-0780
  • Family Court Supervisor - Angie Hampton (573) 642-0780

Sitting Judge

Callaway County Circuit Court Judges

Callaway County Circuit Court Judges

Callaway County Circuit Court Judges

  • Division I  - Judge J. Hasbrouck Jacobs
  • Division II - Judge Jeff Harris
  • Division III - Judge Kevin Crane - Presiding Judge
  • Division IV - Judge Jodie Capshaw Asel
  • Division VI - Judge Carol England
  • Division VII - Judge Sue Crane
  • Division XII - Commissioner Casey L. Clevenger

Callaway County Jail

Callaway County Sheriffs Department.

Callaway County Sheriff’s Office

The Callaway County Jail located at The Callaway County Sheriff's Office 1201 Rte O, Fulton, MO 65251; when the defendant's arrested, this is where they are booked and detained. All Bonds under $250,000 can be written by Qualls Bail Bonds Fulton, MO, at the Jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any Bond over $250,000 shall be posted at the Callaway County Courthouse Monday thru Friday 8 am-5 pm. Give us a call for a Bail Bondsman in Fulton, MO.