Callaway County Bail Bonds

Callaway County Courthouse

Qualls Bail Bonds - Callaway County Courthouse Fulton, MO Bail Bondsman

The Callaway County Court house is located at 10 East 5th st Fulton, MO. Qualls Bail Bonds is approved to post bonds up to $500,000 in the 13th Judicial circuit, which includes Callaway and Boone County. 

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Callaway County Jail

Callaway County, MO Jail. Qualls Bail Bonds can post here. Bail Bondsman.

The Callaway County Jail is located at The Callaway County Sheriff's Department  1201 Rte O, Fulton, MO 65251. When a defendant is arrested this is where they are booked and detained. All Bonds under $250,000 can be posted by Qualls Bail Bonds in Fulton at the Jail 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Any Bond over $250,000 must be posted at the Callaway County Courthouse Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. Give us a call for a Bail Bondsman in Fulton, MO

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