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Trouble can happen anytime, and when it does Qualls Bail Bonds is ready and available 24 hours a day to arrange your quick release. We respond quickly and efficiently to our clients and make the bail bonds process as simple as possible. Our bail bonds agents operate with confidentiality and respect. We put our customers first.

Why Choose Qualls Bail Bonds?

Qualls Bail Bonds provides comprehensive bail bond services. From the jail to the courthouse, we will provide all the assistance and referrals to see your case through. We provide free attorney referrals, as well as free bail bond and warrant information. We understand how stressful this time can be for all involved, so we make the customer our priority. 

What Area Does Qualls Bail Bonds Cover?

Qualls Bail Bonds is active throughout Mid-Missouri including the Boone County, MO area, including Columbia, MO, Ashland, MO,  and Centralia, MO. We work hard to ensure your quick release. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on holidays (573) 310-1534. 

Qualls Bail Bonds Boone County Bail Options

Recognizance Bail Bonds - The local jail may release you without the need to post a bond. When the crime committed is small and considered low risk, you have a high likelihood of attending all court hearings in Boone County. In this circumstance, you will not have to pay a County Bail Bondsman. You will only sign documents that you promise to appear in court in addition to any other stipulations set.  There is no need to contact any Bail Bondsman in Boone County in this circumstance. 

Cash Bonds

Cash Bail Bonds Boone County - In some instances, you may be required to pay the bail amount with cash. In this situation, a Boone County Bail Bondsman ordinarily is not be able to help you. You will have to pay the entire bail amount in cash to obtain release. Qualls Bail Bonds does post some cash bonds depending on circumstances. A benefit of cash bail is that once the court dates are complete, the court refunds the entire bail amount minus any court fees. 

Columbia, MO Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds Boone County - In this case, a Bail Bond Agency can help. In other words, Qualls Bail Bonds can post the bond for a fee, the fee is a non-refundable premium 8-10 percent of the total amount of the bond. Most Bonds in Boone County, M0 are set in this way, allowing you to use a Bail Bond Agency. 

Do I need A Bail Bondsman?

The importance of Bondsman - Although it's not a requirement to seek the services of a bail bondsman to obtain release, it is the most common approach; most crimes do not have the option of a recognizance or cash release. You should call the premier Bail Bond agency in the Columbia, MO area. 

Boone County Courthouse Information

Boone County Missouri Courthouse In Columbia, Missouri

Boone County Courthouse History

Boone County Circuit Court Judges

Boone County Courthouse History


In 1845 the court appropriated $10,000 for a brand-new courthouse and appointed William Jewell commissioner. The court boosted the appropriation by $5,000 when approving the plans Jewell presented in January 1846. The Architect in all probability was W.M. Winter, whose name originally appeared on a plaque. Little is understood concerning Winter. He entered a proposal for the MU educational Hall building; however, he failed to receive it.

The building measured eighty-four by fifty-one feet and fronted south. The columns of this courthouse aligned with the columns on educational Hall at mu several blocks south of the courthouse; this explains the weird corner placement of the courthouse on the square. Boone County used this courthouse throughout the nineteenth century. Once the 1906-09 courthouse neared completion, the County Court ordered the previous building demolished. However, when a conjunctive effort by townsfolk to avoid wasting the building, the decision was made to preserve the columns. Today, the columns of the 1846 courthouse and also the columns of the University's educational Hall stands in their original alignment of the mid-19th century. 

For the third and present courthouse, the placement moved to the middle of the square. Twenty-two architects visited with the court before the court commissioned John H. Felt to draw plans for the new building. The court requested that Felt style a building conforming with their needs for a restrained classical style. A taller dome initially planned for the courthouse, met with disapproval, the designer altered the planning, manufacturing the lower, rounded dome. Construction began in 1906 and finished in 1909. The contractor was J.A. McCarter, Macon, Missouri; value came to about $100,000. 

The Boone County Courthouse  is located at 705 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201. Qualls Bail Bonds is approved to post bonds up to $1,000,000 in the 13th Judicial Circuit, which consists of Boone County and Callaway County. Give us a call for a Columbia bail bondsman.

Boone County Courthouse Interior Steps

Boone County Court Contacts

Boone County Circuit Court Judges

Boone County Courthouse History

  • Circuit Clerk - Christy Blakemore (573) 886-4000 
  • Accounting/Traffic (573) 886-4025 
  • Civil (573) 886-4000
  • Family Court (573) 886-4000
  • Criminal (573) 886-4000
  • Probate (573) 886-4000
  • Court Administration (573) 886-4060
  • Juvenile Office (573) 886-4200
  • Juvenile Justice Center (573) 886-4450
  • Court Services (573) 886-4180
  • Treatment Court (573) 886-4082

Judge Woeking At Desk

Boone County Circuit Court Judges

Boone County Circuit Court Judges

Boone County Circuit Court Judges

  • Division I - Judge J. Hasbrouck Jacobs
  • Division II - Judge Jeff Harris
  • Division III - Judge Kevin Crane - Presiding Judge
  • Division IV - Judge Jodie Capshaw Asel
  • Division V - Judge Kimberly Shaw
  • Division VIII - Commissioner Sara Miller
  • Division IX - Tracy Gonzalez
  • Division X - Judge Leslie Schneider
  • Division XI - Stephanie Morrell
  • Division XII - Commissioner Casey L. Clevenger

Boone County Jail

Boone County Sheriffs Department

Boone County Sheriff’s Office

The Boone County Jail is located at the Boone County sheriff's Department at 2121 E County Dr, Columbia, MO 65202. Defendants are booked and detained. All Bonds under $250,000 can be posted at the Jail 24 hours a day seven days a week by Qualls Bail Bonds in Columbia, MO. Any Bond over $250,000 must be written at the Boone County Courthouse Monday thru Friday 8 am-5 pm. Give us a call for any Boone County Bail Bond needs.